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Welcome to Year 3 – Bruce Lee Class

We are Mrs Norris, who teaches Tuesday to Friday, and Mrs Westrop who teaches on Mondays. We are supported each day by the lovely Mrs Campbell, Mrs Donaghy and Miss Inkley and Mrs Johnson. Our little furry hamster friend Tiddles has also come up from Year 2 to join us in Year 3.

Year 3 is the start of KS2 and is full of fantastic and interesting topics for the children to learn about. There’s lots of learning and lots of fun to be had in Year 3, across the whole of our curriculum. Here are our main themes for each half term.

Autumn Term

1) Stone Age                    2) Mountains

Spring Term

1) Ancient Egypt              2) Settlements and use of land

Summer Term

1) Rainforests                        2) Romans in Britain

These are great themes and where possible learning in other subjects is linked to these, such as learning about animals and plants in Science when we are learning about Rainforests or when learning about mountains the children will be painting mountain views in art lessons. At de Vere, it is important to us that children are engaged in their learning in different ways, that we are creative across the curriculum and encouraging children to be creative too. We look for ways we can help children to connect their learning, knowing more and learning more across the curriculum. We also want children to be able to think logically, make links between their learning and develop an understanding about people and places.

If there is anything you would like to talk to us about, you can get in touch with us via email or telephone via the school office.

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Class Blog

25th May 2023

In Maths, Year 3 has been learning about money, dealing with £ and p, adding and subtracting and finding change with money in lots of fun ways. We have linked our Geography learning to our English by writing a persuasive letter asking for deforestation to be stopped. Everyone wrote really lovely letters and showed a great understanding of the issues and have ended this half term giving a presentation about what they think about deforestation and why.

In computing we have been creating branching databases asking yes and no questions to sort different animals. In Art we have studied Henri Rosseau and his artwork and then used this as inspiration to create collage pictures of a rainforest. The class have been really careful in creating layers to their rainforest and drawing animals to hide within their scenes. In RE, they created their own prayer mats. Have a look at our photos of all the things we have been busy doing and have a lovely half term!

12th May 2023

The children have been working hard and have created reports about a rainforest animal they discovered. They have been typing these up, working on their typing and presenting skills to consider ways to make their report look interesting.

They have also been learning about fractions in maths, in particular finding fractions of amounts and they have done really well using equipment and pictures to help find answers to the questions.

In art, Class 3 have been exploring different printing techniques using objects, plastic and print blocks which they made themselves, creating interesting patterns. After exploring these, they used different colours and shapes and the techniques learnt to create their final pieces.  

As always, our rainforest topic has been interesting, creating great discussions about deforestation and why trees are being chopped down and considering the effects of this. The class have had lots of really good points which will help them as we start to write persuasive letters asking companies to stop logging.

28th April 2023

What a couple of weeks it has been being back for the Summer Term! The children did so well with their performance, it was especially lovely hearing their pride as they talked about it and they did such a good job even with a few nerves and worries about it.

We are busy learning even more about fractions and adding and subtracting them. We have started our Rainforest topic which is already popular, with the class enthusiastic about learning more about the animals and what it is like there. In English we are learning about information texts and what they look like, ready to write our own about an animal we have discovered whilst in the rainforest.

In science, we have started looking at how water is transported in plants. We showed excellent observation skills when we cut up daffodil stems, noticing tiny little tubes and water in the stems that we could squeeze out.

In computing we are learning about sorting and grouping information for our unit about branching databases. The class did really well creating their own databases, starting with objects in the classroom and using yes and no answer questions.

31st March 2023

Lee Class have been super busy writing letters in English to Stephen Davies, who wrote ‘The Ancient Egypt Sleepover’. We have been loving reading this book in class and doing lots of writing based around this. Their letters have been fantastic and it has been really difficult for the class to choose a few to send off to Stephen. We emailed the chosen letters to Stephen and we have already have had a reply! He was so happy to receive our letters and that we all enjoyed the book. He is going to read our letters over the weekend and then write back to us. We are SO incredibly excited about this and are already looking forward to the start of the Summer Term and reading our replies. Well done Class 3.

In Maths, we have been looking at mass and capacity, comparing amounts and doing lots of measuring using different types of scales and containers. Computing has been fun looking at how animations are put together; creating small animations of their own and in PE Year 3 has been working on their stamina in cross country and creating some interesting sequences in gymnastics. In Art, we have been learning about different types of printing such as relief printing and mono printing, lots of messy fun! The children have also been thinking really carefully about settlements in our Geography work, showing great understanding of the different vocabulary we have been working on as well as the skills of comparing places and understanding the land use of various places.

We hope you enjoy looking at our most recent pictures – and we hope you have a great Easter!

17th March 2023

As part of reading our class story, we created our own adventure stories in a museum and we are currently explaining how to have a great sleepover in the London Aquarium which we are looking forward to writing. In maths we have been using different scales to find the weight of different objects. This will also come in useful for cooking on Friday for a mother’s day surprise.

Science week has been lots of fun. We have been sending messages from class to class. We got sent one from Year 2 as a paper aeroplane and sent ours using light and morse code to Year 4. We are wondering what the message will end up as by the time it gets to Year 6. We have also learnt about Isaac Newton who has been the inspiration for our diaramas. A great week, full of lots of science fun with assemblies and workshops galore!

3rd March 2023

In maths, we have been busy with fractions. We have been exploring putting them onto number lines and investigating fraction walls to look for fractions that are equivalent to one another. In English, we have been loving reading our new class book called ‘The Ancient Egypt Sleepover’. We have been loving the mystery to it and looking for clues along the way. We are currently planning our own mystery story, using the ideas from the book to inspire us. It has been lovely to learn even more about the Ancient Egyptians and to recognise things that we learnt about last half term in the book too.

As part of our Geography fieldwork, we went for a walk in the local area, exploring the different uses of land here in the village. The children were great and did really well plotting places onto their maps and pointing out places they spotted along the way. In computing we have started learning about animation and started with making flipbooks showing a moving figure. We can’t wait to learn even more about creating our own animations.

10th February 2023

We have worked on understanding fractions, writing persuasive letters to try to get a magical egg that grants you any dream you want whilst you sleep and written diamante poems. This is all as well as spending two days in the hall whilst our classroom has been beautifully painted – very exciting.

We have also been making levers and linkages and exploring how these work. It has been tricky trying to make out own ones but we persevered and felt so proud with what we have done. We are also planning and making a DT poster all about Egyptian inventions and they will have... you guessed it... links and levers in them! We can’t wait to make them – even though we know it will take some patience and care to make them look really amazing.

Class 3 have been amazing and adapted well, working hard throughout. I’m really proud of them – well done Lee Class.

27th January 2023

What a busy couple of weeks it has been. Lee Class have been working incredibly hard.

As promised, there are lots of pictures from the Egyptian Day. The children had a great time and felt very important in their headdresses. They wrote their names in hieroglyphics, build pyramids out of Lego, wrote their own Book of the Dead scrolls and learnt lots about Egyptian life…and death! They even created their own Egyptian Gods for something that is important to them.

They have also been working incredibly hard learning division methods in maths, writing their own version of a fairy tale and getting stuck into fitness and learning a dance routine in PE. We can’t believe it’s been two weeks already!

13th January 2023

We’ve had a great start to the new year. The children have really been getting stuck into their learning. We have been reading the story of ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ and comparing it to the story of Cinderella and starting out Egyptian theme which we are all very excited about already.

In maths, we have been using multiplication and division skills. We have been on a hunt in the hall for numbers or answers that are multiples of 10 and working on our multiplication methods.

We have also had great fun in our mini topic being miners and imagining going down into the mines and working there. The class created brilliant diary entries describing their day and what it was like.

9th December 2022

Over the last 2 weeks, Year 3 have been learning and practising their multiplication skills, working on their three and four times tables in Maths. They have been looking at sequences when counting in multiples, and learning to put numbers in groups to help them to divide. They used their learning to play board game, as well.

In Art, the pupils finished their landscape mountain paintings. Their art showed different painting techniques, including watercolour washes, block painting and careful painting. In lessons they have also learnt to use different shading techniques for sketching, including stippling and cross-hatching.

In P.E., Lee Class have continued to learn about handball. This week they learnt how marking is used when defending and practised this in a game.

We all had a lot of fun creating our Christmas decorations that are hanging up in the library. With some Christmas music on, we worked on our collage skills by using lots of different wrapping paper to make interesting and colourful Christmas trees. It has been lovely to see them hanging up and seeing people enjoying them at the Christmas Fayre.

We have been loving the build up to Christmas in class together and there is still lots of exciting things coming up that we are looking forward to.

25th November 2022

Year 3 has been working really hard in using written methods in different ways in maths now, last week we applied it to real life. They had a budget and had to go shopping for some expensive items but they did really well applying their learning. In English, we have been looking at the Wallace and Gromit Snoozeatron machine which they have loved watching. They have been thinking hard about how to explain how the machine works so that next week we can use all the skills learnt to explain how to survive in the desert!

Science has seen us investigating different soils and looking at different fossils and learning about how fossils are formed. The children have all really enjoyed looking at fossils and playing a fossil board game to try out their new learning.

In their Art, pupils have been developing their ‘block painting’ skills, which complement their watercolour ‘washes’ from last week. They are working on incorporating both techniques into a final landscape artpiece. Also, PE has seen our learners working on their understanding of the game Handball, with them practising their dribbling technique. And in music, we have been adding to our recorder skills repertoire! They are getting used to playing a rhythm using the learned note ‘B’, and this week have been introduced to playing the ‘A’ note alongside.

11th November 2022

We have been so busy since coming back from half term. In maths we are continuing to work on our written methods to add and subtract and we are really gaining more and more confidence. In Science we have been thinking about what plants need to grow. We have 5 plants in the classroom; one is growing normally, one is without water, one without soil, one is in a dark corner and one is inside a bottle. We can already see the differences between the plants and soon we will be able to see if our predictions were correct and write our conclusions.

In their English lessons the pupils are reading an exciting new book called The Boy Who Biked the World. We are learning about writing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd person and much about the world as we follow Tom’s travels in the story. In Art, pupils are learning about landscape art and are beginning to develop brush skills, using techniques to create washes, and texture.

7th October 2022

What a fun and busy couple of weeks we have had in Year 3.

The class have been working hard on their addition and subtraction skills, working really well using equipment to help them work out the answers.

We have done lots of fantastic things in our topic work. The Stone Age has been a great topic! We learnt about Stonehenge and wondered how they managed to move the stones from so far away, we tried some ideas on our Stone Age afternoon using pencils and dominoes as logs and stones but it was really tricky to manage. Everyone also made their own Stonehenge ideas out of dominoes or Lego – they look great, don’t you think?

We have also been hunting deer (using javelins as spears) which was really tricky and our targets weren’t even moving! We created woolly mammoths out of milk bottles which we think look really effective and created cave paintings whilst lying under the tables to try and get the feel of being in a cave.

In English we have been writing reports about the Stone Age so that we can show off all of our fantastic history learning. It’s been lots of fun!

Friday 23rd September 

Year 3 have had a great start to the year. The children have all settled in well and have got stuck into their learning – especially about the Stone Age. Already they have chosen whether to be hunter-gatherers or farmers, looked at evidence from the time and found out about Stonehenge, with lots more Stone Age fun still to come!

In Maths, pupils have been getting hands on with all kinds of equipment to explore the place value of numbers up to 1000. We have been using dienes, place value counters, played dominoes to match numbers and representations of these and even made a human number line.

In Design Technology, the pupils are learning how to cook savoury food. They have chosen criteria as to what makes a good pizza and have been testing and tasting existing pizzas on the market to base their designs on.


Reading for enjoyment is important at us all at de Vere through their reading books, class reading and the texts we look at in different subjects.

Children should aim to read at least 4 times a week at home. This could be the child reading to you, you sharing a book together or perhaps reading to help make a cake or build a Lego set.


Earrings must be taken out for all PE lessons and long hair must be tied up. If your child is unable to take out their earrings independently, then please ensure they are removed before coming to school. 

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